WP4: Characterization

The main objectives of WP 4 are to provide ore- and mineral characterization of the SMS samples collected during the MarMine cruise. The work package has mainly been responsible for providing mineralogical-, textural-, geochemical- and rock mechanical characterization data to the other work packages. The work package has produced one journal paper as main contributor as well as a number of internal reports to the project. Test work for rock mechanical characterisation for WP3 has been carried out but without success due to sample properties, sample size and amount, and equipment. The main contributions are linked to the established ore mineralogy, comprising chalcopyrite and isocubanite as the main Cu minerals and sphalerite as the main Zn bearing mineral. I addition, the textural properties of the mineralized samples have been established. The main concerns are the intergrowths of isocubanite with chalcopyrite and the Cu-disease in sphalerite together with the high Fe-content in the sphalerite. These features have been established for the mineralized parts of the chimney fragments that were sampled during the MarMine cruise. Whether it is representative for the deeper part of the mineralisation, remains to be tested. For that new and deeper samples are required. Remaining work to be carried out from WP4 is test work on gravity core samples from the cruise. The core is currently located at NGU and the work is carried out in cooperation with NGU.

Example grab samples of suspected hydrothermal vent material, with (a) possible conduit structures implying fluid channels and (b) rust implying Fe derived from sulphides. (Snook et al 2018)