BRU21 video newsletter#6 – New business and operational models

In her project Nataliia Korotkova is helping companies with complex organizations to achieve efficient collaboration and information sharing by properly leveraging digital tools.  She is working specifically in the Front-end stage where design, engineering and innovation meet. Nataliia is using several tools such as transactive memory learning, multifaceted trust, adoption of new technologies and knowledge reuse. TechnipFMC provides the use case and sponsors the project. Read and watch more videos from the New business and operational models newsletter here 

Project result:  Transactive memory analysis on the role of digital technologies

In this video, Nataliia Korotkova explains in detail the latest results of her research regarding knowledge collaboration using digital tools during a Front-End stage project. One of her findings is that strategic corporate focus and socio-technical alignment are extremely important to enhance knowledge collaboration in multi-disciplinary project groups She has many more interesting observations, so check the video out!