Marie-Andrée Dumais defended her PhD thesis

Marie-Andrée Dumais has successfully defended her PhD thesis. The title of the thesis was «Regional Tectonic and Environmental Assessments of the Norwegian Polar Regions using Potential Field Methods»

The Assessment Committee consisted of Professor Carmen Gaina, University of Oslo (UiO), Dr. Richard Saltus, Colorado State University and Associate Professor Kenneth Duffaut, NTNU. Duffaut was also the administrator of the committee.

Associate Professor Marco Brönner, Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, NTNU has been the candidate’s main supervisor. Dr. Morten Smelror, The Geological Survey of Norway, and Professor Ståle Emil Johansen, Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, NTNU have been the candidate’s co-supervisors.

Congratulations, Marie!