Welcome Andriani

Andriani Manataki is 24 years old, from Greece and she has just joined the Department of Geoscience and Petroleum to undertake a 3-year PhD-project in the field of Drilling Engineering. Her main supervisor is professor Sigbjørn Sangesland and the co-supervisor is Bob Eden (Managing director / Professor, Rawwater Inc. UK).

Andriani will focus, through her research, on “Applications and properties of bismuth alloys in well completion and well plugging”. She will do experimental work, aiming to evaluate and test bismuth as an alternative sealing material. The research will propose and evaluate applications of bismuth alloys in well completion and P&A, and will model the interaction between bismuth alloy and steel/cement/cap rock formation. This research is part of SFI SWIPA which is an initiative that aims to obtain a scientific understanding of permanent well barriers and allocate for improved well barrier design methodologies.

Andriani has graduated from the Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, in National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), in Greece, having an integrated Master degree, with specialization in Chemical Metallurgy. Her thesis, about the “Conversion of dawsonite to hydrated alumina”, was undertaken under the supervision of Dimitrios Panias (Professor, NTUA), in the laboratories of metallurgy in NTUA. Her internship was in SINTEF Industry, in the department of Metal Production and Processing, working as a researcher for the “ENSUREAL PROJECT”.

Welcome, Andriani!