NTNU tops publications rating in the journal Geophysics

NTNU is one of the leading universities in the world when it comes to publications in Geophysics, the leading journal for applied geophysics.

New numbers show that NTNU holds the fourth place for the years between 1976 and up to now.

Professor Alexey Stovas at the department for geoscience and petroleum points at the good teamwork among scientists over many years, and think that this will contribute recruiting good students to NTNU. Read more here

Alexey Stovas recieved «Geophysics Reviewer of the Year Award»


Professor Alexey Stovas won the «Geophysics Reviewer of the Year Award» at The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)-Conference in San Antonio for the second time! Incredible achievement! The award is given annually to a reviewer who is recognized by a combination of high-quality and proficient reviews as judged by the Editor and Assistant Editors of Geophysics according to the following criteria: 1. the reviewer must be one of the top five reviewers in terms of the quantity of reviews where reviews for successive revisions are counted as separate reviews 2. the reviews are of consistently high quality
3. the reviews are returned efficiently

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