IGP-researcher at Stanford top 2% ranking list

Professor Hanumantha Rao Kota is ranked among the World’s 2 per cent best researchers.

Professor Hanumantha Rao Kota

The ranking is made by Stanford University researchers in collaboration with the publishing house Elsevier and SciTech Strategies. Nearly 160 000 of the most influential people of science in the World are on the list, according to how often others quote them and in which journals these citations appear. The two per cent highest ranked in each field have come with.


948 of these scientists work at Norwegian universities and research institutions. Out of the 160 listed from NTNU, about a quarter are in the Engineering field. Rao is cited in the field of Mining & Metallurgy and is ranked 216 of total 27568 authors within the field

See the names of the complete TOP 2% list here.

All the data are available at data.mendeley.com.  

Congratulations, Rao!


Tidligere NTNU-professor II med ny metode for å tidsfeste når bevegelser i jordskorpen oppsto

Giulio Viola, som inntil nylig var geolog ved NGU og professor II ved Institutt for geologi og bergteknikk, NTNU er førsteforfatter på artikkelen «Deconvoluting complex structural histories archived in brittle fault zones», som ble publisert i det anerkjente tidsskriftet Nature Communications. Les mer på gemini.no