BRU21 video newsletter – Operations, maintenance, safety and security

BRU is NTNU’s Research and Innovation Program in Digital and Automation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry. It supports the digital transformation of the industry. Operations, maintenance, safety and security is one of the 6 program areas in the program. This video newsletter presents projects and selected solutions developed in BRU21. Check out the newsletter here


Webinar Blueback ODiSI, May 26

Do you want to know more on the NEW version of Blueback One Dimension Stochastic Inversion software?

The webinar for students is planned for May 26th in two time slots, Cegal will present ODiSI 4.0 with the contribution of Pat Connolly and the Cegal Team.

You can register here


ComputerWell – new spin-off from NTNU

The company ComputerWell has recently been formed as a spin-off between Department of Geoscience and Petroleum and Department of Computer Science at NTNU. The project has received funding from NTNU Discovery and is currently funded by the Research Council of Norway.

ComputerWell provides a software for surveillance and optimization of drilling operations. Watch the intro movie below and check out

Tasty Cement Recipes with Nano-Spices for Oil and Gas Wells

Are you interested in cooking and trying new recipes? Then working with cement can be also an interesting subject for you? Working with cement and preparing a good cement slurry is like cooking food, but not for the family, this is going to be eaten by the drilled well under ground. This is the oil well’s dish for building a robust barier for the life of the well.

Interesting blog post in NTNU TechZone, written by Narjes Jafariefad who is a Postdoctoral researcher at our department

Read the post here

Narjes Jafariesfad at the lab