Welcome Sailesh

Sailesh Adhikari has joined The Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, Faculty of Engineering to start his PhD on “Stability assessment and rock support optimization of underground excavations in Himalayan rock mass”. The PhD is a part of “NORHED II PROJECT 70141 6: Capacity Enhancement in Rock and Tunnel Engineering at Pashchimanchal Campus (WRC), Institute of Engineering (IoE), Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal” funded by NORAD and managed by IGP-NTNU. In the research Sailesh will develop stability assessment methods suitable for the Himalayan rock mass. His research outcome will deliver appropriate approach of rock support design relevant for Himalayan rock mass. The research focus will on the utilization of flexible, sustainable, cost effective and environmentally friendly support design. He will carry out extensive field mapping, instrumentation, collection of relevant data and laboratory testing of the rock samples brought from different tunnel project cases from Himalayan region. The mapped, collected and tested data will be used as basis to carry out comprehensive stability assessment and optimization of rock support for underground caverns and tunnels passing through Himalayan rock mass.

Sailesh has completed M.Tech. in Structural Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi), India. Prior joining to NTNU, he was assistant professor at Pashchimanchal Campus (WRC), Institute of Engineering (IoE), Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal.

Welcome, Sailesh!

NTNU cooperation with Nepal

Nepal is a country that has great potential for Hydropower, but only 5% of the potential is utilized. The mountain country is also struggling with poor infrastructure. NTNU has for many decades worked closely with universities in Nepal. NTNU professor Krishna Kanta Panthi is in the process of starting a master’s program in rock and tunnel engineering. The government of Nepal has shown great interest in this

NTNU helps Nepal build master in rock and tunneling engineering

NTNU has collaborated with Tribhuvan University in Nepal for decades. The collaboration began with hydropower, but has now also developed into other areas. The Department of Geoscience and Petroleum has now started a direct collaboration, and now Professor Krishna Kanthi Panthi is going to Nepal to help build a master’s program in rock and tunneling engineering