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innovation. Yesterday NTNU hosted the Steering Committee Meeting of AkerBP Drilling Alliance. Top executives from AkerBP, Halliburton, Mærsk, Oddfjell and Oddfjell Oceanwind and leading experts from NTNU and Sintef presented and discussed challenges, research and innovation relevant to the industry

The new Drillbotics team

Drillbotics® is an international competition between universities organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). The challenge is to design, build and successfully implement a fully functional drilling rig at lab scale in order to perform fully autonomous directional drilling through a rock sample. The aim of the competition is to promote the application of digital solutions and autonomous systems into drilling operations.  This will bring innovation and technology development from the academy which can be applied at an industrial scale.


NTNU has been an active participant in the Drillbotics competition since 2017 achieving successful results several times. This year’s team with backgrounds in petroleum engineering and cybernetics consists of Mikala Solberg, Luis Alvarez, Jarle Ness and Henrik Helgeland.  The team is looking forward to taking on new challenges, learning and having fun in the process.

Successful competition for the NTNU Drillbotics Team

After starting the work in august 2020 it was finally time for the international Drillbotics competition.

The competition started out with an interesting Q&A-session, where the Team were able to showcase what they have learned throughout this year. After that it was time to prove their design through a drilling demo with respect to the committees requirements.

The drilling was so successful that the committee requested a «show-run» to maximize the performance of the rig!

This run surprised the committee by drilling through a 60cm rock in 6 minutes and achieving an inclination of 35 degrees.

The competition was hectic, but very fun and the Team thought it was good to be able to show the results of very much hard work. The final scoreboard will be presented in a month or two, but we have our fingers crossed.

Alexey Pavlov, Benedicte Gjersdal, Trygve Mikal Viga Skretting, Gaute Hånsnar and Magnus Steinstø

The team would once again like to thank BRU21 and Equinor for making it possible to participate in the competition.

Here you can watch the NTNU Drillbotics project presentation

The 2019 NTNU Drillbotics team

The 2019 NTNU Drillbotics team are ready! The new student team from Department of Geoscience and Petroleum and Department of Engineering Cybernetics participates in the next years Drillbotics competition ( – an international student competition organized by Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). The next year the students are going to develop a robotic drilling rig for fully autonomous drilling. Good luck!

The 2019 Drillbotics team: Arman Hiwa, Jonas Mannsverk, Mads Sundseth, Tor Arne Tjåland and Vilde Romslo Meyer

Drillbotics competition in Germany

Presentation in front of the judges

The Drillbotics team participated in the Drillbotics competition that took place in Celle, Germany.
Sadly the rig could not arrive to the competition venue due to customs issues. However, the team held presentation for the judges.

The NTNU Drillbotics team: Juan Manuel Montoza, Muhammad Umer Azam, Mads Nåmdal and Hilde Eiken Helle

The team presented rig design and drilling strategy for the competition in front of the judges and other competitors. The focus of the competition this year was directional drilling and downhole measurements.