NTNU tops publications rating in the journal Geophysics

NTNU is one of the leading universities in the world when it comes to publications in Geophysics, the leading journal for applied geophysics.

New numbers show that NTNU holds the fourth place for the years between 1976 and up to now.

Professor Alexey Stovas at the department for geoscience and petroleum points at the good teamwork among scientists over many years, and think that this will contribute recruiting good students to NTNU. Read more here

NTNU and NMBU work together to solve water challenges

The water group of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) held a meeting with the department of Geoscience and Petroleum, NTNU, to explore collaboration possibilities. Prof Harsha Ratnaweera and Dr Zakhar Maletskyi from the faculty of science and technology, NMBU, visited Prof Hanumantha Rao Kota and Prof Irina Chernyshova and discussed the potential synergies and applicability between the technologies used in mineral processing and water purification. They have identified several thematic areas (ion flotation to enhance organic matter removal, recovery of valuable material from process water etc) which can be suitable for the forthcoming R&D Calls.

Good result for the NTNU Petrobowl team

The NTNU PetroBowl team advanced to the second round of the competition, but were eliminated by Louisiana State University, which eventually won the entire competition. Sindre Forsetløkken and Steinar Schei represented NTNU.

The PetroBowl competition pitches SPE student chapter teams against each other in a series of quick-fire rounds, answering technical and nontechnical industry-related questions. Good job guys!

Sindre Forsetløkken and Steinar Schei to the left in the picture

Bergmannen har fått nytt hjem

Bergmannen har nå endelig fått ny trygg plassering ved det nye Berglaboratoriet til NTNU og SINTEF
Avdukingen av Bergmannen ble selvsagt utført av  Bergstuderendes Forening ved NTNU.
Bergmannen er et stolt symbol på Norsk Bergindustri, og vi er glad for å ha funnet et nytt hjem for ham

Research article: Geometallurgical Concepts Used in Industrial Mineral Production

Authors: Steinar L. ellefmo, Kurt Aasly, Aleksandra Lang, Veena S. Vezhapparambu, Camilo A.M. SIlva

This paper is a result of the project «Increased recovery in the Norwegian mining industry by implementing the geometallurgical concept» (InRec), a cooperation between NTNU-IGP, the Research Council of Norway and three industry partners (Verdalskalk AS, Sibelco Nordic og Norsk Mineral). In this paper researchers from  NTNU have looked at how geometallurgy, a relatively new holistic approach in the mining industry, can be used within the Norwegian industrial mineral sector. Examples from the industry partners are used to  put this into context . It is emphasised that the so-called «key levers» and key performance indicators used in traditional mining industry (metallic ore deposits) cannot be directly used within the industrial mineral sector. In this sector other aspects related to the mining influence the product quality. It is concluded that Norwegian industrial mineral sector traditionally has used elements from geometallurgy for decades, however, without taking the same holistic approach offered by geometallurgy.

Read the article here

Workshop on lattice-Boltzmann modeling

PoreLab invites to a workshop on lattice-Boltzmann modeling the 24. October. The focus of the workshop is the open-source Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Porous Media (LBPM) code published under the Open Porous Media (OPM) umbrella. The main developer of the LBPM code, James McClure (Virginia Tech), will participate in the workshop.

Place: Sydområdet PTS Paviljong 1th floor, meeting-room 162


09.00-09.15: Welcome by Carl Fredrik Berg (NTNU).

09.15-10.00: Presentation by Thomas Ramstad (Equinor) on how LBPM is used internally at Equinor.

10.00-11.30: Hands-on tutorial for how to use LBPM for steady-state simulation of two-phase flow. Everyone how wants to participate in this part of the workshop needs to bring their own laptops with LBPM already installed. For installing LBPM, please follow the wiki on the github page:


11.30-12.00: Lunch

12:00-14:45: Minkowski functionals and porous media transport. We start by a presentation from Per Arne Slotte on work done in PoreLab. Then follows a presentation by James McClure on his work with respect to Minkowski measures. After the two presentations we will have a general discussion; what are the overarching goals for using Minkowski measures, what is it plausible to obtain, where do we go from where we are now?

14:45-15:00: Closure


In case we need to change venue, we need to have an estimate of the number of people participating. So, if you want to participate, please write your name into the linked spreadsheet:


Equinor wants to meet students at UKA

Equinor is looking for students who can help solve future energy challenges. Equinor offers curious, dedicated and innovative students, the opportunity to write a master thesis. Thursday October 3rd the top leaders of the company wants to meet the students at UKA at Realfagbygget

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