The NTNU Drillbotics Team won the International 2021/22 SPE Drillbotics competition

Congratulations to the NTNU #rillbotics team –
Luis C Alvarez , Mikaela Solberg, Jarle Ness and Henrik Helgeland – the winners of 2022 Drillbotics competition! Drillbotics is SPE International Student Competition in Autonomous Drilling( The team built, programmed and operated a fully autonomous lab-scale drilling rig that successfully drilled a directional well through multiple downhole targets. NTNU wins the competition for the 3rd time and is the only university with such a track record. This success is a result of innovative education, research and collaboration between the Department of Geoscience and Petroleum and Department of Engineering Cybernetics in the #BRU21 program.

The team was supervised by Alexey Pavlov (team lead, petroleum cybernetics), Sigbjorn Sangesland (drilling engineering), Dr. Tor Berge Gjersvik (drilling engineering) and Lars Imsland (cybernetics). Special thanks to the team sponsors: BRU21, Equinor, Lyng Drilling and to the technical support from IGP Laboratories, Noralf Vedvik