Field trip Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics Research Group

Stream crossing

The Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics Research Group with professors, adjunct professors and PhD students went on a two days trip to Bortistu in Storlidalen valley at the entrance of Trollheimen mountains. Day 1 was dedicated to presentations and brief discussions. The PhD students gave well-prepared presentations of their work, their plans or their achievements depending on their project stage. Adjunct professor Karl Gunnar Holter and our current guest researcher Dr. Graham Swan contributed with interesting talks.

In the evening professor Krishna Panthi prepared a very delicious two-course dinner on his own recipe based on Nepali, Norwegian and Russian experience.

Dinner preparations

On day 2, we enjoyed fantastic weather and walked into the Trollheimen mountains through spots of old snow and countless meltwater streams. One group had lunch with a view towards the Gjevilvatnet water reservoir and thus discussed hydropower issues. The other group lunched with a view towards the glacier-carved alpine mountains of western Trollheimen and discussed the Caledonian orogenesis, Tertiary uplift and the Ice Age. Otherwise, the conversation went smoothly among the participants, and we learned to know each other a bit better.

Great thanks to everyone who contributed to an unforgettable trip, and especially to Jorge Terron-Almenara and Jessica Chiu who organized the event!

Krishna is so happy when he gets to go hiking