Friday Talk at Faculty of Engineering

Join us at Friday Talk @ Faculty of Engineering – October 22th!

Topic for this Fridays seminar is:

Processing of marine (deep-sea) minerals (polymetallic nodules, crusts and massive sulphides): opportunities and challenges

Speaker: Przemyslaw B. Kowalczuk, Professor, Department of Geoscience and Petroleum

Time: 08.30-09.00

Where: Zoom

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Rising demand for minerals and metals, in tandem with the depletion of land-based resources, has led to a surge of interest in marine mineral resources. At present, there have been discovered three main types of marine mineral resources, that is polymetallic nodules, polymetallic crusts (also known as cobalt-rich crusts) and seafloor massive sulphides. These resources gain increasing attention due to the significant content of economically valuable metals and critical raw materials. Processing of marine minerals may take place either on land or at sea floor or surface, depending on economic and technological considerations. Each of the marine mineral resources exhibits unique properties which are crucial for the development of a beneficiation process ending in the effective recovery of metals. Currently proposed operations are based on metallurgical processes applied to terrestrial deposits; however, development of a marine minerals processing technology is underway. In this lecture, a brief overview on historical and recent developments in processing of marine minerals, will be given