The NTNU Drillbotics Team won the International SPE Drillbotics competition

Magnus Steinstø, Benedicte Gjersdal, Gaute Hånsnar, and Trygve Mikal Viga Skretting has since 2020 worked hard to build, program and operate a robotic mini-rig for fully autonomous drilling of directional wells.

Professor Alexey Pavlov, Benedicte Gjersdal, Gaute Hånsnar, Trygve Mikal Viga Skretting og Magnus Steinstø.

The Drillbotics Challenge Committee gave the following reason for the NTNU team winning: “NTNU demonstrated an understanding of rig design, drillstring dynamics and the physics of directional drilling.  They also designed their own bit, BHA and downhole measurement sub. The Drillbotics challenge committee is looking forward to seeing even further advancements made to the autonomous steering and directional drilling decision-making systems in future competitions”.

NTNU is the only university that has won the Drillbotics competition twice. Congratulations!

The NTNU Drillbotics team is supported by BRU21 program at NTNU, Equinor and Lyng Drilling.

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