Ola Fredin has been hired as Professor

Ola Fredin has been hired as Professor in Engineering Geology of Soils, at the Department of Geoscience and Petroleum. He took a MSc in Earth Sciences at Stockholm University and then continued with a PhD in Quaternary geology at the same University in 2004. He did a postdoc at University of Bergen and then the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) in Trondheim, where he in 2008 was hired for the Quaternary geology group. He has also upheld an Adjunct Professor position at the Geography Department, NTNU, mainly teaching GIS and glacial landforms and processes.

Ola’s research focuses on Quaternary deposits and landforms with emphasis on landscape- and climate change. This research is mainly focused to Norway and Scandinavia, but also with study areas in Russia and Antarctica. He commonly maps landforms and deposits using GIS and remote sensing data, together with stratigraphic and chronological studies in the field. He often uses various laboratory analyses such as XRD, XRF to characterize the sediments combined with in-situ cosmogenic nuclides to add a chronological framework.

Ola has a dual Norwegian/Swedish citizenship, is married with three teenage children and lives in Malvik.

Welcome Ola!