Dicky Harishidayat defended his PhD thesis

Dicky Harishidayat has successfully defended his PhD thesis at the Department of Geoscience and Petroleum. The title of the academic thesis was: «Architecture, morphometry and development of subaqueous sediment conduits»

The assessment committee consisted of Professor Mads Huuse, University of Manchester, UK, Professor Alejandro Escalona Varela, University of Stavanger, Norway and Associate Professor Kenneth Duffaut, NTNU

Kenneth Duffaut was Administrator of the Committee.

Professor Ståle Emil Johansen, Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, has been the candidate’s main supervisor. Dr. Kamaldeen Olakunle Omosanya and Adjunct Professor Cai Puigdefabregas, Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, have been the candidate’s co-supervisors.

Congratulations, Dicky!