Research article: Geometallurgical Concepts Used in Industrial Mineral Production

Authors: Steinar L. ellefmo, Kurt Aasly, Aleksandra Lang, Veena S. Vezhapparambu, Camilo A.M. SIlva

This paper is a result of the project «Increased recovery in the Norwegian mining industry by implementing the geometallurgical concept» (InRec), a cooperation between NTNU-IGP, the Research Council of Norway and three industry partners (Verdalskalk AS, Sibelco Nordic og Norsk Mineral). In this paper researchers from  NTNU have looked at how geometallurgy, a relatively new holistic approach in the mining industry, can be used within the Norwegian industrial mineral sector. Examples from the industry partners are used to  put this into context . It is emphasised that the so-called «key levers» and key performance indicators used in traditional mining industry (metallic ore deposits) cannot be directly used within the industrial mineral sector. In this sector other aspects related to the mining influence the product quality. It is concluded that Norwegian industrial mineral sector traditionally has used elements from geometallurgy for decades, however, without taking the same holistic approach offered by geometallurgy.

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