Ben Snook met The King

Ben Snook met The king on this years Ocean Week at NTNU. The topic was Deep Sea Mining

The King visited the NTNU stands at Ocean Week, and heard a series of talks culminating with a discussion about research into Deep Sea Mining. The presentation used rock samples and microscope images to introduce Loki’s Castle; a site of active hydrothermal venting at 2300 m depth on the sea floor, on the Mohn’s Ridge between Jan Mayern and Svalbard. Snook explained how these systems are living mineral deposits, and can act as natural laboratories for investigating the occurrence of minerals and metals – in this case copper and zinc. They saw the mineral forms these metals can occur in, and then discussed how these metals are demanded by society. We finished with a comment on how the whole research group is working together (geologists, mineral processing, engineers, biologists, ethicists and historians) to answer the question not only of how these deposits could act as a future supply for the demands of society, but, considering how precious the ocean is, whether we should utilise them at all; research and understanding is critical in informing our decisions going forward.