Production numbers for December

NPDNPD has reported preliminary production number for oil and gas for the month of December, showing a liquid production of  2 094 000 bbls/day, which is around 3% less than in November. The total gas sales were 10,9 GSm3 (+2%). Thus, the total petroleum production in 2016 was around 233,0 MSm3 o.e., which is 2,8 MSm3 o.e. more than in 2015. Norway needs petroleum students

Versjon 2The web magazine participated in NGF’s Winter Conference last week, where Egil Tjåland gave a presentation on the demand for higher education in petroleum science. In todays issue they have interviewed him on the demands for experts to the oil and gas industry as well as the possibilities for petroleum engineers and geoscientist in non-petroleum areas, such as in geothermal development.

Teknisk Ukeblad (TU) has an article on our VR Village

Versjon 2TU’s internet version presents today an article with the catchy title “How to educate yourself for a job that is not yet invented” (translated). Focus is on new technologies and digitalisation leading to new types of jobs in the future. They have visited our Experts in Team Village VR at our department and interviewed  students and Village Leader Egil Tjåland.

Field observations in January

In the course Structural Geology, approximately 40 students every year learn to struktgeo2
interpret rocks, their creation and deformation structures. Typically this only is conducted in the classroom and in the laboratory, while field observations must wait until summer and field courses. This year, the compass and field equipment is brought out also in the winter and there will be seven field
exercises in Trondheim and Trøndelag. struktgeo3The first field day was on January 10, close to NTNU Gløshaugen. This year the students will have own field data to work on, giving them a flying start for the field course that will take place in Alta, Finnmark from the May 28 to June 18. The course coordinator is Allan G. Krill.

AS Norske Shell Geoprize 2017 was given to NTNU studenten Nina Bakke

Nina is a Masterstudent in  geology at IGP. She was given the prize for excellent presentation of her Master thesis work at the Norwegian Geological Society Winter Conference  in Oslo, 2017.  Her presentation described the evolution of Triassic bivalves from an important hydrocarbon source rock on Svalbard, as an indicator of both geological time and palaeoenvironments.  Congratulations!

Former NTNU Adjunct Professor published in reknowned journal

Giulio Viola, who until recently was a geologist at NGU and adjunct professor at the Department of Geology and Mineral Resources Engineering, NTNU is the first author of the article “Deconvoluting complex structural histories archived in brittle fault zones”, which was published in the renowned journal Nature Communications. Read more at