Friday, 28th of september is Researchers`Night! The Department of Geoscience and Petroleum are participating with the coolest sandbox in Trondheim!


This is a “hands on” sandbox that combines 3D visualization with real sand. Sandbox allows users to create topography models by forming true sand, which is then enhanced in real time with a high-color map, topographic contour lines and simulated water.

The aim is show geographical, geological and hydrological concepts.

Photo: NTNU/Per Henning

Visit to Titania Mine

This week geology and geotechnology students at NTNU visited Titania AS to learn about mineral production in the subject TGB4227 Mineral Production, Basic Course. There they received a tour of the mine and mineral processing plant.

They also got a good introduction to how mining the ilmenite takes place, and learn about the challenges they face in the various stages of production.

The students were very pleased with the visit and now have a good starting point for the rest of the course and further studies.

9 students and Associate Professor Kurt Aasly participated in the tour 17-18 September.

Photo: Kurt Aasly

Head of Department Egil Tjåland interviewed by enerWE

Head of Department Egil Tjåland is interviewed by enerWE.


He commented on the recruitment to petroleum studies and the BRU21 program,  that will prepare multidisciplinary specialists in the corresponding areas to increase efficiency, safety and environmental care in all operations in oil and gas activities.


IGB student presents her master’s research at ONS

IGP student Monika Maria Dyrendahl has completed her master’s thesis in collaboration with Schlumberger. By using machine learning, she has developed an algorithm to interpret seismic horizons, with the aim of achieving more accurate interpretation, and thus reducing exploration and development risk. Supervisors have been Ståle Johansen, IGB and Viktor Aarre, Schlumberger. During the ONS in August she has been selected to present her results as part of the session “Young, smart and creative Master degree students will give executive presentations of their Master thesis”.

Student developed a program for automatic seismic interpretation

During a summer project at ConocoPhillips (CoP), student Charles Rutherford Ildstad developed the MalenoV program for seismic interpretation using 3D Neural Network Architecture. The work has been done in collaboration with geologist Peter Bormann in CoP. The program is published as open source and can be downloaded from GitHub. Ildstad completed his master’s thesis on similar issues in collaboration with Schlumberger. His supervisor at NTNU was Associate Professor Steinar Ellefmo. has published an article about the work done at CoP.

Highest Number of Geoscience Applicants to NTNU

Applicant numbers from The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service are now published. Bachelor in Geology at NTNU received the most first-choice applicants within geosciences. On the third place comes our Geotechnology-programme. The largest percentage increase (17%) in the number of applicants received Petroleum Sciences and Engineering at NTNU.

The head of department Egil Tjåland states the following: I am pleased that our study programs have an increase in applicants. We also see that for the first time since 2013 there is an increase in the number of petroleum science applicants.

Master student is mapping movements at Preikestolen

M.Sc. student at IGP/NTNU, Katrine Mo, in cooperation with scientist at NGU, Martina Böhme, are investigating the stability of the famous tourist attraction in Rogaland Preikestolen (Preacher’s Pulpit) through high definition photos from a helicopter and photos from a drone, and by scanning. In addition the largest crack in Preikestolen has been instrumented in order to detect any movements.  Mo will present the analyses in her thesis. skal presentere analysene som gjøres i sin masteroppgave. See article in Stavanger Aftenblad.