Former student interviewed in today’s A-magasinet

Maria Moræus Hanssen graduated with a Master’s degree in petroleum engineering at NTNU in 1989. Since then, she has completed supplementary education at IFP and has held a number of jobs in the oil and gas industry, first as a reservoir engineer in Hydro / Statoil, and subsequently leading positions in Statoil / Hydro, Aker ASA, Engie, DEA, and is now COO and Deputy CEO of Wintershall DEA. Aftenposten’s A-magasinet has a 5-page interview with her today about her career development and her views on the oil and gas industry in the future.

Expects increased applications to petroleum studies this year

Head of department Egil Tjåland is interviewed by the online newspaper e24 about historical applications to the petroleum studies at NTNU and his expectations for the year’s applications. The job market is already growing rapidly, and the relatively few who are graduating over the next few years will probably be able to pick and choose in job offers. The prospects ahead, with many employees in the companies retiring in the next 10 years, indicate that this is a good time to start petroleum studies.

Teknisk ukeblad has article on petroleum education and BRU21

Petroleum education at NTNU and UiS have given much attention in the career section of the Teknisk ukeblad’s latest edition. Our student Andreas Leirvik is interviewed about changes in curriculum at NTNU, and director of subsurface technology at Equinor Randi Hugdahl, who is Equinor’s representative in the BRU21 collaboration, is interviewed about the importance of interdisciplinarity and knowledge of environmental impact for the future petroleum engineers.

NTNU’s Drillbotics Team in Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT)

A group of students at NTNU, 4 from the petroleum program and one from the cybernetics program, participated last year in the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Drillbotics competition, where the challenge was to be able to construct a fully automatic drilling machine, in model size, that could drill fastest through a concrete block with unknown content. Competitive student groups from all over the world participated, and the NTNU group won by a wide margin, see article.

Head of Department Egil Tjåland interviewed by enerWE

Head of Department Egil Tjåland is interviewed by enerWE.


He commented on the recruitment to petroleum studies and the BRU21 program,  that will prepare multidisciplinary specialists in the corresponding areas to increase efficiency, safety and environmental care in all operations in oil and gas activities.


Universitetsavisa has article on the new BRU21 program

Based on the BRU21 report published in 2017, NTNU is in the process of launching a new PhD / Postdoc program called “Digital and Automation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry”. Up to 40 positions are advertised in all major newspapers and jobbnorge, see the ad here. Today, Universitetsavisa has interviewed Dean Olav Bolland about the new project.

Interview ib EnerWE

Department Head Egil Tjåland is interviewed by EnerWE (Energy Industry’s Digital Channel) about the shortage of graduates in the oil industry in a few years, see link. The dramatic fall in applications for higher education in petroleum science means that there will soon be a shortage of graduates. Several oil companies say that half of their current staff will be retired in 10 years and the need for new employment will be very large in the years to come. Given that oil and gas activities in Norway will continue at a high level, at least as long as we have had oil and gas production until now, the situation is serious.