Guest Lecture Oct. 18 @ 13:15: Geothermal Energy in Northern Climates

Guest lecture

Professor Maurice B. Dusseault, University of Waterloo, Canada (Biography), is visiting NTNU and SINTEF Petroleum Thursday and Friday this week, and will give the following lecture (Abstract):

Title: Geothermal Energy in Northern Climates

Time: Friday, October 18, at 13:15-14.

Place: Auditorium P12/P13 in PTS1 (S.P. Andersens veg 15a).

Maurice is a very knowledgeable and productive scientist, and an excellent lecturer. You don’t want to miss this one! 

Guest lecture on 20th September by Prof. Zoya Heidari from University of Texas Austin

We are pleased to announce a talk by Zoya Heidari from the University of Texas at Austin.

Title: Formation Evaluation and Rock Physics Model Development in Mixed-Wet Rocks

Time: Friday 20th September, 14.15-15.00

Place: P10, PTS1, Valgrinda.

Short bio:

Zoya Heidari is an associate professor at Hildebrand department of petroleum and geosystem engineering, University of Texas at Austin. She received a Ph.D. (2011) in petroleum engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. She was the founder and director of the Texas A&M Joint Industry Research Program on “Multi-Scale Formation Evaluation of Unconventional and Carbonate Reservoirs” from 2012 to 2015, and the University of Texas at Austin Industry Affiliated Research Program on “Multi-Scale Rock Physics” starting in 2016. She was also a recipient of the 2012 SPE Petroleum Engineering Junior Faculty Research Initiation Award, the 2014 TEES (Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station) Select Young Faculty Fellows award from the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University, the 2015 SPE Innovative Teaching Award, and the 2016 SPE Regional Formation Evaluation award. Her research areas include petrophysics, borehole geophysics, rock physics, inverse problems, groundwater physics, completion petrophysics, and reservoir characterization of unconventional and carbonate reservoirs. She also leads a research team which develops new methods for reliable interpretation and integration of multi-scale formation data measured in the laboratory or in the subsurface in challenging formations such as organic-rich mudrocks and carbonate formations in order to enhanced reservoir characterization and production planning in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Guest lectures by University of Calgary next week

Professor Steven Bryant from the University of Calgary visits the department next week as part of the INTPART project between our two universities led by Professor Ole Torsæter. Wednesday and Thursday we invite to seminars:

Wednesday 14 November at 10:15 in room P11

Three Reasons I No Longer Understand Two-phase Flow.

Thursday 15 November at 15:15 in room P10

White Knights and Dark Knights: Prospects for Climate Stabilization through Negative Emissions

Abstracts may be read here.

For more information, contact Ole Torsæter.

Everyone is welcome!

Guest Lectures on Thursday

On Thursday, 1 November, Dr. Richard Blakely, U.S. Geological Survey and Prof. Hans-Jürgen Götze, Kiel University will give a seminar on the use of potential fields to solve Earth Sciences questions.

The seminars will be held in P10, PTS Pavilion, starting at 13.15. The seminars are open to all.

The titles of their lectures are:
Richard Blakely, USGS: “Using potential fields to map tectonic links between Cascadia’s backarc and forearc, Pacific Northwest, USA”
(13.15 – 14.30)
Hans-Jürgen Götze, Kiel University: “3D potential field modelling and 3D prints of complex geological structures”
(14.45 – 16.00)

The lectures are open for all.

For more information, please contact Professor Suzanne McEnroe.

Students from Newfoundland giving presentation at PTS on Tuesday

Jenny Kim and Daniel Sivira are these days completing their M.Sc. studies at Memorial University Newfoundland (MUN). Tuesday 2nd May at 13:15-14 they will present their thesis work in P13.  The title of the lecture is “Experimental Investigationon of EOR by Injecting SiO2 Nanoparticles as Water Additive with Application to the Hebron Field.” Both Jenny and Daniel participated in the summer school 2016 that was arranged in St. John’s with 12 students from the two universities.