Head of Department Egil Tjåland interviewed by enerWE

Head of Department Egil Tjåland is interviewed by enerWE.


He commented on the recruitment to petroleum studies and the BRU21 program,  that will prepare multidisciplinary specialists in the corresponding areas to increase efficiency, safety and environmental care in all operations in oil and gas activities.


Egil Tjåland is appointed department head for IGP for 4 years

In the IV faculty board meeting Monday the new department heads for IV’s departments were appointed for 4 years starting August 1, 2027. For Department of Geoscience and Petroleum Egil Tjåland was appointed, and for the remaining departments: Terese Løvås (EPT), Carl Christian Thodesen (IBM), Hans Petter Hildre (IBH),  Sverre Steen (IMT), Torbjørn Skogsrød (IVB), Karl Vincent Høiseth (KT). Karl Vincent Høiseth. Torbjørn Welo is acting department head for MTP .