The most interesting parts of the area are only reachable with helicopter. Here the 2 week field camp is established.

10 researchers and students have been on a field trip to Seiland (Reinfjord) to study the development of ores and mineral resources in a volcanic funnel. In this area, developed 565 million years ago, NTNU has been part of  discovering a new type of  mineral deposit with nickel, copper, platina and gold. Modern mapping tools like drones are being used, and is one of the focus areas for innovative education at the department.

Still four students and one researcher is conducting field work on Seiland.


Seiland is an island in Northern Norway, north of Alta in Finnmark county.

Professor Rune Larsen and the students.
Området er uten merkede stier og er vanskelig framkommelig.
The area is without marked pathways and is not easily accessible.
Prøvetaking med diamantbor
Using a diamant drill to take samples.
3D photogrammetric model