Curiosity about the history and development of the earth is the drive for geophysicists. You observe, wonder and wish to understand what it happening, developing and testing hypotheses in search for solutions and simplifications. Using mathematics and physics as tools helps you understand the geology, and what is happening in and on earth.

Geophysical knowledge is used to understand a number of complex phenomena: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, continental drift, and climate changes are just a few examples. It also helps us in exploring for, and finding, minerals and hydrocarbons. A wide range of techniques are used, like seismics, electrical resistivity, induced polarization, magnetometry, graviometry, georadars, and electromagnetism.



If you like mathematics and physics and have a fascination and curiosity about nature, geophysics can be the education for you! NTNU provides a flexible and broad education, with the possibility to specialize on a number of interesting and relevant topics. This gives you a broad and unique experience base that opens up for numerous future possibilities in a range of fields. Our research group is world leading, with a deep passion for basic and applied science. You will be part of an international and encouraging environment, and be given the opportunity to work with both theoretical and practical challenges. Contact us today to hear more!


2609, 2016

Seismic and electromagnetic model building for subbasalt depth imaging

  Subbasalt imaging has gained significant interest in the last two decades, driven by the urge to [...]

2209, 2016

Surface and borehole seismic data for robust target-oriented imaging

  A novel application of seismic interferometry (SI) and Marchenko imaging using both surface and borehole data [...]