Visit by the Norwegian Ambassador to Mexico

The Norwegian ambassador to Mexico, Ms. Merethe Nergaard, invited in December 2014 to a workshop at the embassy in Mexico for the purpose of starting a dialogue and process for the R & D cooperation between Mexico and Norway. Arild Nystad, Egil Tjåland as representative from NTNU and Kjell Arne Jacobsen as a representative from SINTEF participated. As a follow up of this workshop the ambassador is in Trondheim today (June 23) and visits SINTEF and NTNU for discussions of opportunities for collaboration with institutions and industry in Mexico.

Visit from Nelson Mandela Memorial University

A large delegation from South Africa visiting NTNU today. The visit is part of a fact-finding trip related to the planning and implementation of the South Africa initiative Operation Phakisa (Phakisa = do it fast in Zulu), for utilization of the marine environment, including. Oil and gas. Professor Moctar Doucoure from Nelson Mandela Memorial University met with the department to discuss possible cooperation between NMMU and NTNU, especially related to education. From NTNU attended Egil Tjåland, Pål Skalle, Patrick Reurink and Jon Kleppe.

Visit from Abu Dhabi

A group of representatives from ADNOC, ZADCO, ADMA, ADCO and Petroleum Institute visited SINTEF and NTNU today, along with their host during the visit to Norway, Statoil. The purpose of the visit was to follow up on previous discussions of collaboration within education and research. From the department participated Egil Tjåland, Ole Torsæter, Patrick Reurink and Jon Kleppe.

Visit from Brazil

A group representing the Brazilian organizations BNDES, FINEP and ABDI visited SINTEF and NTNU yesterday and today. They are invited by OED, and the purpose of the visit is exchange of experiences related to the implementation of new technologies in the upstream business, as well as discussion of research and cooperation in the oil, gas and marine sector. From the department participated Egil Tjåland and Patrick Reurink.