Amir Taheri has completed final Ph.D exams

Title of the dissertation is “Experimental and Numerical Study of Density-Driven Natural Convection Mechanism hum Storage of CO2 in brine aquifers”. The assessment committee consisted of: Dr. Andy Chadwick, British Geological Survey, Research Director Arne Skauge, Uni Research AS and Adjunct Professor Jan Åge Stensen, NTNU. The title of the public lecture was “How induced fracturing may affect fluid flow during injection”. Supervisor has been Professor Ole Torsæter, NTNU and co-supervisors Senior Researcher Day Wessel-Berg, SINTEF and Professor Jon Kleppe, NTNU.

Visit by the Norwegian Ambassador to Mexico

The Norwegian ambassador to Mexico, Ms. Merethe Nergaard, invited in December 2014 to a workshop at the embassy in Mexico for the purpose of starting a dialogue and process for the R & D cooperation between Mexico and Norway. Arild Nystad, Egil Tjåland as representative from NTNU and Kjell Arne Jacobsen as a representative from SINTEF participated. As a follow up of this workshop the ambassador is in Trondheim today (June 23) and visits SINTEF and NTNU for discussions of opportunities for collaboration with institutions and industry in Mexico.

The new reservoir laboratory was opened today

After a few weeks of complete rehabilitation, the new reservoir laboratory opened today. All of the fixtures and equipment is replaced, and a lot of new scientific equipment installed. Former Rector Torbjørn Digernes cut the ribbon. And then there was cake!

Ole Torsæter presents the laboratory
Georg Voss presents the laboratory
Many people attended the opening of the reservoir laboratory

Hugh amounts of additional oil due to 4D seismic on Snorre and Grane fields

Around 10,000 seismic sensors with 700 km cables are placed on the seabed over the Snorre and Gran fields to monitor liquid flows in reservoirs. The 3 billion NOK cost has already resulted in increased production worth 15 billion NOK. In 2017 it will be decided if another Snorre platform will be built in order to produce the additional oil proven by seismic. Altogether as much as 200 million bbl. of additional oil could be the result. In the article in today’s DN two of the featured people involved in the project, Mona Andersen and Ivar Aasheim, are former student at the department.

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Project meeting between Department of Computer and Information Science on possible collaboration in the area of “Big Data”

Large, complex and uncertain amounts of data characterizes the petroleum industry and our research. The department aims to help improve the analysis through its own research and national and international cooperation related to a common database. Department of Computer and Information Science is wanted as a partner in this development, and a first discussion meeting was held today.