Symposium on CO2 storage and EOR at Kirkebyfjellet

Through the INTPART-project between NTNU and the University of Calgary, the first symposium on advanced research and education within carbon storage and enhanced oil recovery in ongoing at Kirkebyfjellet in Meråker, 22 and 23 november.

Participants from NTNU, University of Calgary, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Gassnova,  SINTEF Petroleum, CMR, PFI and Statoil are gathered to discuss ongoing initiatives and future collaboration.

NTNU participants: Ole Torsæter, Martin Landrø, Philip Ringrose, Reidun Cecilie Aadland, Bahador Najafiazar, Ashkan Jahanbani Ghahfarokhi, Hamid Hosseinzade Khanamiri, Alberto Luis Bila, Katie Aurand, David Wehner and Patrick Reurink.

The project is funded by the RCN and SIU through the INTPART program.

Lundin has made a small discovery in the Barents Sea

The well was drilled about 60 kilometers northeast of the oil and gas discovery 7220 /11-1 (Alta) and about 20 kilometers east of the 7220/8-1 Johan Castberg. The well encountered a total oil column of about 20 meters with an overlying gas column of about 10 meters in carbonate rocks in Ørnformasjonen. Preliminary estimates of the size of the discovery is between 3 and 7 million standard cubic meters (Sm3) of recoverable oil and between 1 and 2 billion standard cubic meters of recoverable gas. See NPD’s website.

Kjetil Eik Haavik has completed final Ph.D. examinations

haavik101116Kjetil Eik Haavik completed final Ph.D. examinations on 10th November 2016. The title of his dissertation is «Source-Depth Diversity for Enhanced Marine Seismic Imaging». The evaluation committee consisted of Professor Johan Robertsson, ETH-Zürich, Principal Research Geophysicist Vetle Vinje, CGG and Professor Børge Arntsen, NTNU. The trial lecture had the title «Interferometry and potential use in seismic exploration». Main supervisor was Professor Martin Landrø and co-advisor Professor Bjørn Ursin.

Egil Tjåland is heading the NTNU RSA advisory committee for collaboration towards stakeholder in technology and business

Versjon 2NTNU has designated 3 advisory committees (RSA) for collaboration with external stakeholders, one toward technology and business, a second one toward health and health-related technologies, and a third toward school, culture and welfare. Rector has appointed Egil Tjåland as leader of the group NTNU RSA technology and business. See the list over participants here.

The November Conference 2016 in Rio was arranged this week

This is the 4th conference in a row. It is arranged by the SINOS alliance, consisting of IFE, IRIS, NTNU, SIMULA, SINTEF and UiO for the purpose of building networks between Norwegian and Brazilian research groups and to initiate research collaboration.  The program for the 2016 conference may be seen here. From the department Patrick Reurink and Jon Kleppe participated.

Hamid Hosseinzade Khanamiri has completed final PhD exams

hamid_031116His dissertation is entitled “Enhanced Oil Recovery by Low Salinity Surfactant: Effect of Ions on Core and Pore Scales”. The evaluation committee has consisted of: Senior Research Scientist Sidsel Marie Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark, Associate Professor Martin Fernø, University of Bergen, og Professor Jon Kleppe, NTNU. The title of the public lecture was “Foam flooding for improved sweep efficiency”. Main supervisor has been Professor Ole Torsæter and co-adviser Professor II Jan Åge Stensen.

Adresseavisen has article on “Green Petroleum Cluster”

The group Green Petroleum Cluster was established during a meeting at Statoil Stjørdal last week, with participants from a number of companies, Sør-Trøndelag County, SINTEF and NTNU. Read the article in Adresseavisen here. In the article’s photo Professor Michael Golan and NOROGs boss, Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen may be seen closest to the photographer on the second row.