Symposium on CO2 storage and EOR at Kirkebyfjellet

Through the INTPART-project between NTNU and the University of Calgary, the first symposium on advanced research and education within carbon storage and enhanced oil recovery in ongoing at Kirkebyfjellet in Meråker, 22 and 23 november.

Participants from NTNU, University of Calgary, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Gassnova,  SINTEF Petroleum, CMR, PFI and Statoil are gathered to discuss ongoing initiatives and future collaboration.

NTNU participants: Ole Torsæter, Martin Landrø, Philip Ringrose, Reidun Cecilie Aadland, Bahador Najafiazar, Ashkan Jahanbani Ghahfarokhi, Hamid Hosseinzade Khanamiri, Alberto Luis Bila, Katie Aurand, David Wehner and Patrick Reurink.

The project is funded by the RCN and SIU through the INTPART program.