The BRU21 team has visited OED and OG21

oed_og21bWednesday the BRU21 team met with OED and OG21 in OED’s offices in Oslo for discussions of the challenges facing the industry under the current conditions and what is needed of new technology and processes for the industry for again be competitive.  Fra OED met Torgeir Knutsen and Stig Svenningsen, and from OG21 Gunnar Lille. From NTNU participated Egil Tjåland, Sigbjørn Sangesland, Arild Nystad and Jon Kleppe. This was the last meeting in the series of BRU21 meetings that have included visits to around 40 companies and institutions.

Jon Marius Venstad has completed final Ph.D. exams

venstad_141216His dissertation is entitled “Transmission Wave-Equation Envelope Tomography”. The evaluation committee has consisted of  Professor Stewart A. Greenhalph, ETH, Leading Researcher Frank Agnar Maaø, Statoil and Professor Martin Landrø, NTNU.  The title of the public lecture was “Multiparameter full waveform inversion – basic concepts and future challenges”. The main supervisor has been Professor Børge Arntsen, NTNU.

Torbjørn Pedersen has completed final Ph.D. exams

pedersen1_141216His dissertation is entitled “Holistisk Flow and Pressure Control for Underbalanced Drilling Operations”. The evaluation committee has consisted of Professor Gioia Falcone, Cranfield University, Research Scientist Øyvind Nistad Stamnes, SINTEF and Professor Pål Skalle, NTNU. The title of the public lecture was “Big data and machine learning, what it is and what it is not – applications within oil well drilling operations”. The main advisor has been Adjunct Professor John-Morten Godhavn, NTNU co-advisors Professor Lars Imsland, NTNU and Professor Gerhard Nygaard, UiS.

New OG21 strategy: technology for increased value creation and reduction of CO2 emissions

OG21 presented its new strategy during last weeks’ OG21 Forum in Oslo. New technology could result in petroleum worth billions and reduce CO2 emissions.

Through OG21 oil companies, universities, research institutions, suppliers and the authorities collaborate to develop and conduct a national strategy within technology for oil and gas for Norway.

Read more on OG21s website.

Graduation Ceremony in Dar es Salaam

graduation_ceremony_2016_bA Graduation Ceremony for students from Tanzania that graduated with M.Sc. degrees from NTNU in Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geoscience in 2016 was arranged in Dar es Salaam today. In addition to students family members participated as well as faculty members from UDSM, employees at Statoil Tanzania, the Norwegian Ambassador in Tanzania, Mrs. Hanne-Merete Kaarstad, as well as Egil Tjåland and Jon Kleppe from NTNU.

New INTPART project: BN Subsea Operations Consortium

Brazilian-Norwegian Subsea Operations Consortium with project leader Sigbjørn Sangesland is one of 20 applicants who was awarded funding in this years’ application round. The project aims to develop a world leading environment for subsea operations between Norway and Brazil within education and research.

Partners are NTNU, GCE Subsea, University of Sao Paulo, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Statoil and Petrobras.

Three other INTPART-applications from NTNU were also awarded funding. See the full list here.