PhD seminar at Scandic Lerkendal

The fifth PhD seminar at IPT took place on Tuesday 11 October at Scandic Lerkendal with large attendance from PhD candidates and masterstudents from the department. The PhD candidates organize this event each semester to present their research to each other and network. At present, the department has 67 PhD candidates and 8 postdoctoral fellows.

The attendants awarded Mats Rongved the prize for best presentation of the day, and Carlos Luna was awarded the second place.


The department’s annual seminar is held in Vilnius

vilnius_210616This year’s department seminar is held in Vilnius, Lituania.  Around 30 of the department’s employees participate. FThe purpose of the seminar is exchange of information and discussion of the department’s activities within  research and education  as well as within the administrative and technical support sides, in addition to plan the development ahead for the next year. The program may be seen here.