The BRU21 team has visited OED and OG21

oed_og21bWednesday the BRU21 team met with OED and OG21 in OED’s offices in Oslo for discussions of the challenges facing the industry under the current conditions and what is needed of new technology and processes for the industry for again be competitive.  Fra OED met Torgeir Knutsen and Stig Svenningsen, and from OG21 Gunnar Lille. From NTNU participated Egil Tjåland, Sigbjørn Sangesland, Arild Nystad and Jon Kleppe. This was the last meeting in the series of BRU21 meetings that have included visits to around 40 companies and institutions.

BRU21 visit in week 40

bru21_week_40Today the BRU21 team had a meeting with the new oil company OKEA in Trondheim. OKEA is under development and therefore the discussions to a large extent on how they are planning to adapt an organizational structure and develop a corporate culture that is better adapted to the new challenges of the industry.