Maur User Guide

Maur is a Linux cluster and knowing your way around the terminal is a must. A brief introduction in how to connect to a Linux machine via SSH, using the terminal, and getting started with Madagascar can be found in this guide. Note that it is written for another machine called Promax, instead of connecting to you will be connecting to

When you log into Maur you will only have direct access to the login node. Code should never be run on the login node as this will hinder other people using the cluster. job scripts must be written in order to utilise the full cluster. For distributing workload Maur runs the Slurm (Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management) Workload Manager. Documentation on how to use Slurm can be found on their homepage.

Available modules can be found by running the command module avail.

More documentation is located in the /share/apps/doc/ directory on Maur. For support contact support-kongull[at]

Another great resource for getting started with high performance computing is the user guide for the other HPCs Vilje and Kongull available here.