The president of Tekna: congratulates everybody starting petroleum studies this year

The president of Tekna, Ms. Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg, says that everybody starting petroleum studies this year is guarantied a job when graduating. She bases this on the long future of the oil and gas industry as well as the current skewed age distribution in the companies. Technologists and scientists are required for a long time ahead. Norway is therefore very much dependent on maintaining the strong academic communities that we have today.

Adresseavisen has an article on the Summer School and on the recruitment to the petroleum programs at NTNU

The collaboration between Memorial University (MUN) and NTNU, as part of our INTPART project, includes a summer school where students from petroleum-, marine, and logistics-related programs at both universities spend 6 weeks of the summer working on a group project on concepts for developing oil fields under arctic conditions. Last year, the school was conducted at St. John’s with emphasis on fields offshore Newfoundland, while the school this year is at NTNU with emphasis on fields in the Barents Sea. Adresseavisen has interviewed two of the NTNU students, Amalie and Markus, about the summer school, and at the same time discussed the job situation for students in petroleum-related programs at NTNU.



Enhanced oil recovery simulations with GeoDict – collaboration with Math2Market GmbH

The Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, NTNU has obtained the digital rock physics software suite GeoDict for simulation of injection processes in porous media, with the purpose of modelling enhanced oil recovery. Main contact point at our department is Post-Doctoral fellow Hamid Hosseinzade Khanamiri.

The GeoDict software suite at NTNU comprises multiple educational licenses and enables petroleum engineering students at NTNU to access state-of-the-art technologies for Digital Rock Physics. GeoDict is developed and marketed by Math2Market GmbH in Germany and the department acknowledges their engagement in advancing the education of our students.

For details on the GeoDict software click here.

New contract for Solution Seeker

Solution Seeker  is an offspring company from the IO Center at NTNU based on project results within production optimization developed by Bjarne Foss and Vidar Gunnerud. The company is at an early stage of development but has already contracts with four oil companies for optimization of well production for their oil fields. Their last contract has just been entered into with the French company ENGIE.

Drillbotics students in TU

Our students Runa Linn Egeland, Astrid Lescoeur, Martin Aagaard Olsen and Mayuran Vasantharajan participated in the Drillbotics Competition hosted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers and achieved an impressive second place among nine institutions.

The Norwegian weekly engineering newspaper Teknisk Ukeblad has published a nice article on this acheivement, where also our professor in petroleum cybernetics, Alexey Pavlov comments.

Read the article here (in Norwegian).

Visiting NED University in Karachi

NEDUET and NTNU together with the students
NEDUET and NTNU together with the students
The NED University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi has an ongoing collaboration with NTNU through the project Norwegian Center of Excellence in Petroleum Studies, and has this week visited the NEDUET in Karachi, Pakistan for the first time.

NTNU has had a series of meetings and visits to different departments at NED University in addition to visiting Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) and ENI Pakistan.

From our department, Egil Tjåland, Jon Kleppe and Patrick Reurink attended the visit.