NTNU at NPF’s annual Sandefjord seminar

NPF’s annual oil industry policy seminar is held today and tomorrow in Sandefjord. Participation is only by personal invitation, and many leading industrial personnel, politicians and organisational leaders participate. This year NTNU participates with Egil Tjåland and Arild Nystad, and has a stand where BRU21 is emphasised. More photos.

Norwegian oil and gas production is increasing

NPD’s “Sokkelåret 2017” shows great activity on the Norwegian continental shelf. Total oil and gas production increased for the 4th consecutive year and will continue to increase over the next 5-year period. A new record was reached in gas exports with 124 Gm3. Liquid production decreased slightly but will increase again when the Johan Sverdrup field comes into production at the end of 2019. There are currently 85 producing fields on the Norwegian continental shelf, including the five new fields that were put into production in 2017. Nine new fields are currently under development.

Rasoul Khaledialidusti has completed final PhD exams

The title of his thesis is «Reservoir Characterization and Determination of Residual Oil Saturation Using Single-Well-Chemical-Tracer Test: Significance of geochemistry, rock dissolution and surface-charge alteration». The evaluation committee has consisted of Principal Investigator Hassan Mahani, Shell International, VP Technology and Interpretation Olaf Huseby, Restack and Professor Ole Torsæter, NTNU. The prescribed title of his trial lecture was “Does geochemistry in reservoir simulation matter?” Main advisor has been Professor Jon Kleppe, Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, and co-supervisor Principal scientist Jan Sagen, Institute for Energy Technology.

Yi Liu has completed final PhD exams

The title of her dissertation is «Data-Driven Borehole Imaging and Monitoring». The evaluation committee has consisted of Professor Andrew Curtis, University of Edinburg, Senior Scientist Alexander Kritski, Statoil and Professor Alexey Stovas, NTNU. The title of the trial lecture was “Introducing geological knowledge into geophysical inverse problems”. Main supervisor has been Professor Børge Arntsen and co-supervisor Professor Martin Landrø, both at Department of Geoscience and Petroleum.

Katherine Aurand has completed final PhD exams

Her dissertation has the title: «Enhanced Oil Recovery from Silica Nanoparticles: An experimental evaluation of oil production, recovery mechanisms and nanofluid stability». The evaluation committee has consisted of: Associate Professor Lesley Anne James, Memorial University of Newfoundland, CTO Dr. Pål-Eric Øren, Petricore Norway and Associate Professor Carl Fredrik Berg, NTNU. The title of the prescribed trial lecture was: «Pore scale challenges and solutions to CO2 sequestration». Main advisor has been Associate Professor Sigve Hovda and co-advisor Professor Jan Åge Stensen, both Department of Geoscience and Petroleum.