SPE Awards to Ole Torsæter and Egil Tjåland

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) has recognized two of our department colleagues with the awards “Society of Petroleum Engineers North Sea 2018 Regional Management and Information Award” to Professor Ole Torsæter and “Society of Petroleum Engineers North Sea 2018 Regional Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty Award” to Department Head Egil Tjåland. Congratulations to both!

NTNU arranges workshop in Rio de Janairo

As an offspring of the IO Center at NTNU the 7th workshop on production optimisation is currently conducted in Rio, now with support of INTPART.  Participants are, in addition to NTNU, universities and companies in Brasil, and the arrangement is held at Petrobras’ Research Center in Rio, CEMPES. Alexey Pavlov, Arild Nystad and Morten Hovd (Cybernetics) are among the participants from NTNU.

Tanzanian students meet Statoil

The ANTHEI project between Tanzania, Angola and NTNU is an education project supported by NORAD through the EnPe program, with additional funding from Statoil. The cohort that was admitted to NTNU in the fall of 2017 is the last in a long series. The 14 students from Tanzania in the cohort will complete their master’s degrees in 2019. Friday the annual workshop between students and Statoil was completed. The program includes a review of developments on Tanzanian offshore activities and discussions of the labor market for petroleum engineers in Tanzania.

Universitetsavisa has article on the new BRU21 program

Based on the BRU21 report published in 2017, NTNU is in the process of launching a new PhD / Postdoc program called “Digital and Automation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry”. Up to 40 positions are advertised in all major newspapers and jobbnorge, see the ad here. Today, Universitetsavisa has interviewed Dean Olav Bolland about the new project.

Student group is qualified to the Petrobowl 2018 finals

A group of students in Petroleum Studies at NTNU participated in the regional (Europe and Russia) qualification held in Krakow, Poland April 9th-11th 2018, see report. The group is now qualified to participate in the finals held during the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition 2018 in Dallas, Texas 24th-26th September 2018. The group consists of Abdul Saboor Khan, Muhammad Umer Azam, Muhammad Iffan Hannanu, Subhi Sadigov, and Juan Manuel Montoza. Congratulations!

Norsk olje og gass: Increase in applications to petroleum studies at NTNU

After several years of few student applications, the preliminary figures from Samordna opptak for 2018 show an increase in the number of applications to petroleum studies at NTNU, see Norsk olje og gass. Even though the number of applicants is much lower than desired, it may mean that the downward trend has been reversed. Norsk olje og gass estimates that 22000 new oil jobs will be needed to be filled until 2020.

Highest Number of Geoscience Applicants to NTNU

Applicant numbers from The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service are now published. Bachelor in Geology at NTNU received the most first-choice applicants within geosciences. On the third place comes our Geotechnology-programme. The largest percentage increase (17%) in the number of applicants received Petroleum Sciences and Engineering at NTNU.

The head of department Egil Tjåland states the following: I am pleased that our study programs have an increase in applicants. We also see that for the first time since 2013 there is an increase in the number of petroleum science applicants.