NPD meets IGP on marine mining

NPD / OED has been given responsibility for marine minerals on the Norwegian continental shelf, and the meeting today at IGP NTNU presented its research on marine minerals, including presentations from PhD candidates. The NPD presented current work in the field of sampling, analysis and resource estimation on the Norwegian continental shelf, as well as information on new legislation relating to marine mineral resources.

Professor Einar Broch has received prestigious award from ITA

The International Tunnel Association, ITA, has awarded Professor Einar Broch their “Lifetime Achievement Award” during a tunnel conference in France. Broch has previously been the president of ITA and during his long term as a professor at NTNU he has been involved in the development of a wide range of hydroelectric projects in Norway and abroad, and is a world-renowned professional.

Bergdagen 2017 was arranged Tuesday

The traditional Bergdagen (Earth Science Day) was arranged Tuesday by Department of Geoscience and Petroleum in collaboration with Bergringen (Earth Science Network). The event was  organized  in collaboration with Bergringen Bergdagen Tuesday in the Mineral Dressing Lab at Gløshaugen, where 20 industry partners presented themselves through their own stands. The day was a great success with 120 students visiting the stands and had direct communication with the industry. Bergdagen is an important part of the annual activities of the IGP and helps to develop closer cooperation between the department, students and the industry. Not least, Bergdagen allows students to find summer jobs and possible project and master topics directly related to the issues the industry presents. See photos below.

IGP Day was arranged last week

The fall semester’s IGP Day (previously known as the PhD Seminar) was this year arranged Nov. 7th at Studentersamfundet. The agenda included multiple keynotes, technical presentations, and social activities. PhD candidates got to present their research, show posters, and receive valuable feedback from their peers and professionals. A summary of this semester’s IGP Day may be seen here. An important objective of the IGP Day is also to motivate Master students to continue studies towards a doctorate degree. The IGP Day is arranged by the Ph.D. candidates at the Department of Geoscience and Petroleum and more information may be found on their webpage:

The 5th November conference held in Rio de Janeiro

Last week, the 5th November conference was held in Rio de Janeiro. Organizer is the so-called SINOS alliance, consisting of SINTEF, UiO, IFE, UiS, IRIS, UiB and NTNU, together with selected universities in Brazil, with strong support from Innovation Norway and the Consulate General in Rio, see the program. Academic posts from NTNU were held by Sigbjørn Sangesland (subsea) and Egil Tjåland (digitization)

Eldar Baykiev has completed final Ph.D. exams

His dissertation is entitled «Analysis of Satellite Magnetic Data to Explore Lithospheric Magnetisation». The evaluation committee has consisted of Professor Richard Holme, University of Liverpool, Adjunct Professor Roman Pasteka, Comenius University, Bratislava and Adjunct Professor Christine Fichler, NTNU. The trial lecture had the title “Application of magnetic methods in archeology”. Main supervisor has been Professor Jörg Ebbing, IGP co-supervisors researchers Marco Brönner and Karl Fabian, both at NGU.

Student Marie Rekve received the Railroad Award 2017

The Rail Directorate’s award for the best railroad master’s thesis went to Marie Rekve, who has conducted stability analysis related to the TBM drive of the 7.8 kilometer long Ulriken tunnel, with a special focus on the analysis of the stability of mountain tops down to 3 meters in thickness between the TBM tunnel and existing blasted tunnel at the crossing in Fløen on the mountain side of Ulriken. See news story.

Lutz Mütschard has completed final Ph.D. exams

His dissertation is entitled «On Processing and Inversion of Marine Magnetotelluric Data». The evaluation committee has consisted of Professor Evert Slob, Delft University of Technology, Principal Scientist Jan Petter Morten, EMGS and Professor Børge Arntsen, NTNU. The prescribed title of the trial lecture was “Joint inversion of seismic and EM data – current status and the road ahead”. The main supervisor has been Professor Ketil Hokstad, co-supervisor Professor Bjørn Ursin, both Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, NTNU.